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October 26 - November 02 Capstone sent a group of 7 to Port de Paix, Haiti to ministry with Hope Vision Ministry. We worked with the Children's Home and Church Planting Networking in Haiti. Here is our highlight Video.

What We Do

Hope Vision Ministries exist to bring and reveal the Good News of Christ to the community of Port-de-Paix Haiti. Hope Vision’s Children’s Home provide school, clothes, food and other basic needs to abondoned and orphaned children in the Port-de-Paix area of Haiti. It is our mission to instill good values and work ethics for all of our children, as well as provide a biblical foundation as the children grow up. We want to see successful, educated and well rounded young men and women transitioning out of our home into one of their own. Hope Vision Ministry is also passionate about planting churches in Northern Haiti for the Gospel to take root through the local church. To learn more about how you can serve the needs of Hope Vision Ministries, please click the serve button above. Hope Vision only exists because of its sponsors. We want to thank all who sponsor and donate to help keep the vision of hope alive.